June 15, 2013
.I want to feel alive.

It's been a while,
and it's been a week since my birthday

Should I feeling happy for getting old?
I celebrated my birthday by focusing
about what I want,
my next steps
a little bit confusing at the beginning
But I think this is what older people do, rite?

I asked a few who on the same age as mine
Almost all of them tell me this is a new chapter
the others said the major purpose of living in this beautiful world is ***** i can't tell here
Yeah, sometimes I think my purpose of life is too simple
or maybe extraordinary than people around me
Just like my outfits lately

I'm trying my best to keep everything look
simple, comfortable and clean

*this is my first time wearing this umbrella, since the sun was too bright

Closer Look:
White Shirt NN:02//Pattern Pants h&m
bowtie handmade from satin ribbon
studded kitten heels trf zara//tassel clutch UTEE2011

Big thanks for everyone who pray for me
I'm beyond happy to receive your felicitation
Some of them give me a very long touching phrase,
I was drop some tears when I read that.
I don't need to write down your name here, 
but I know for sure you know it
that's you

Friends, i hope we can meet soon for lunch or dinner
not a celebration thingy but it's just a small reunion
sharing your thoughts about life :)
Last but not least
the last picture is behind the shoots
*i love plying around on my every outfit shoot :)

Have a great weekend with your love ones
XO. Olive
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May 26, 2013
.Summer Popsicles.

I'm back!!
Actually big events for this year made me crazy,
prepare things, meet people, getting to know more about some people
are my daily routine lately
Well but I'm happy

I've got infected by my Mom'm habit
She loves to dress up in batik or any traditional outfit
so here I am addicted by batik or "kebaya" specially "kebaya encim"
It seems every person near me getting married this year
and I'm getting crazy to get a new kebaya to attend their wedding
God bless kebaya seller!

I've got this super big size dress from last hunting in INAcraft
It only came in one size, since me and my Mom in a same size
so I decide to buy this one because I'm in love with the summer look colors

I wore this outfit to attend my office mate's weeding reception
Everyone a little bit shocked to see me a little bit dress up and with full make-up
(my everyday office look definitely without make-up and a little bit look pale,hehe)
Happy Wedding my dear friend!!

What I Wore that day:
Batik dress (forgot the brand)//handmade floral piece//random accessories
floral bag by new look//handmade clear heels by a friend

Getting confuse at the first place between two clutches

My favorite shoot on that day :)
Can't you believe that all picture was taken by a smartphone?
That's why I never regret making an investment in such a phone
Really help me to learn how to take a nice picture
with a great composition, angle and colors


Now you can see how big this dress..

Need to go off to bed very early
See you on the next post
Stay stylish :)


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May 11, 2013
.Where Did The Good Go?.

I just want to share about my favorite craft event
Yes, it's INAcraft :)

Spending my day strolling around on that event with Mom
and have a pleasant chat with some friends in the afternoon
The best day ever on this early May

white shirt by ensemble//electric blue skirt by new look
black purse by aldo//studded kitten heels by zara

Found this two booths that really attracted
First one is a booth that sell so many jackets with traditional fabric
They also sell a jacket with ulos material,but it's too heavy
I love this one, but it's a little bit over pricey,hehe

Second booth is full of wall decorations
from vintage picture to cartoons
all made from wood mixed with canvas materials
and sell in quite affordable price
I keep their business card
I hope one day if I have my own house
I will consider to buy a few things from them :)

Never go home without taking an outfit post on this booth :)
Change my shoes and bag to be more comfortable and ready to shop

I was eat like crazy on weekends
Indonesian food always be my favorite
This time on afternoon "coming soon" to be a family meeting
I choose this "Nasi Ayam Betutu" from Bali as my late lunch
and never forget to order fried tofu and fermented soybean as a complement
the last but not least "Teh Susu Jahe"
(it's a tea mixed with milk and some extract from red ginger)
*the name of the place that served this yummy dishes is Kemiri

After a little talk,
I moved to another place called Mangia
(it's two weeks in a row I was go there with the same people)
This time I ordered a strawberry milkshake and a banana waffle with a choco ice cream on top
It was a nice choice to enjoy the afternoon outside
when the wind not too cold
it felt warm because I was in the middle of very nice friends

I need to continue my hibernation day
Enjoy your Saturdate Night readers


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May 10, 2013
.Happy Ascension Day.

Happy Ascension Day!
I know this kindda late but what can i say, 
my internet connection was very poor last night
How’s your holiday? 
I know it’s only for a day, but hey you can get one day off and have a long weekends just like me,hehe

Mostly people on my town go abroad or visiting domestic destination but here I’am
posting my yesterday outfit post and strolling around this city to get more experience about life.

Jakarta is too crowded but i know deep down in our heart as a citizen we enjoy every single things about this city, don’t you?
Since today the weather is very nice, why don’t we go outside and have a city trip?
Oh but don’t forget to do exercise at least 30 minutes a day

From my experience, yesterday when i went to swimming pool with a friend
I find that I can breathe longer than usual in the water. 
I think it’s because I do exercise regularly so try it and you will find your metabolism better day by day :)

I really envy with my Mom lately, in her late age she can keep her shape
(even she always yelling at me when i gain some weight), sharing her problems at the office, sometimes it sounds stress full, but she knows how to having fun (she just like one of my friend that loves going to the mall) and yesterday she was going to Bali! Almost every year she’s go there. How can be a person arrange all of this in her age?
Balancing spiritual, office problems and happiness at the same time?
Hmm...need to learn more from her.

black jumper by invio//unbranded black-white blazer
studded kitten heels by zara//black purse by aldo//sunglasses by mng

Anyway I went to Church last day with this very not me typical outfit.
Honestly, I don’t really like wearing blazer, it makes me look old
beside i think blazer only look good for bankers,hehe
Since I was wearing this blazer on my last day of work this week so i think
it’s a nice try to wear it for church service, 
and Mom make a comment “Why you look so serious?” 
So I end up changing my look by remove the blazer, put a scarf on my shoulder,
get a bigger bag and put a pair of flats on my feet and I’m ready to have a lunch date with Mom :)

Anyway Happy Holiday Mom!
(already texted her, because she never read my blog)

and Happy Long Weekend for you too :)



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May 1, 2013
.Dream about Changing.

since i have another blog it seems hard to find a perfect time to write about something
full time worker on weekdays and full time happy-go-lucky life on weekends made my live alive
Anyway I’m a little bit not well today, so i use my time to write this post

This is just an ordinary outfit post, but I will write down something about lovely people around me
who apparently celebrating their beautiful moments this week and last week
Maybe this is odd but my environment effect me so well
When i stay with they who has a happy feelings, than we like connected
I feel the same way as them

You don’t need fancy stuffs to make you happy, you just need friends and family who do you care about
and do care about you too,hehe

As you see in the middle of sunny day I was wearing this floppy hat made from flannel material
Yes, I’m eager to have vacation! Perhaps going to the beach.
It’s been a few months since my last vacation. I don’t even post about it in this blog yet.
This year I love to explore Indonesia, really cross my finger that everything will going well
A lot event will happen this year and I need to figure out the perfect time to have a little vacation here
Wish me luck :)

zara basic white tee//cashmere cardigan from my Mom//Poladots skirt from RyuMyu
Floppy Hat by ASOSbow ring//Eline Rose Bag//ASOS round sunglasses//Senjo Creme Shoes from Wakai

Lately I’ve been into basic things, I remember everytime i hangout just for going to cinema, hunting photos, lunch or just
have a chit chat with this person, there always be a comment like “can you wear something normal?”LOL
I prefer batwing or loose top when i need to enjoy my sunny Sunday or my lazy Saturday. Thanks to this person, since
i get older I need to change how i dress up, i don’t want people think that i’m still a kid.
It’s true that each of us have a childish side, it’s up to us want to keep it down or show it. 
I think I choose to show it but only people that really close to me

Anyway I would like to say Happy Birthday to my super bestfriend!
This year is been our 10th years to be together!
I remember the first our weirdo meeting, than always help you parking your car
everytime you bring your car to campus,
our crazy nights struggling with those heavy books
and so on, definitely will make a long post for you since you love to read my blog

Thanks for being such a supportive person
I don’t know how i can live without you, thanks for being my tutor
and thanks for change me to be more fun, to laugh more, to make a thousand jokes, to make a silly face
You and your family are one of the best thing and best people that God give to me
Hope our connection will be last forever
Love you more Carmellitta *__*

with love,


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April 22, 2013
.dear my friend.

Last week was a dramatic week for me
It was a busy, fun but also sad things that happened in one week
 I never realized something..
until it happen to someone near to me..

There is a time for having fun
there is a time for struggling with our job
but there is also a time for a lovely people to get a very sad new
Life is so cruel
When people fighting for his or her life
there will be another people
who sipping his drinks 
or just laughing with their friends

That's the reality
we can't blame anyone
just live our life
in a good way
with a spirit

Let the past be the past
Catch all the opportunities
and say Hello to the future
I know it sound easy to say
but deep down in my heart
I know you could pass this test my friend

We are always stay beside you..


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