May 1, 2013
since i have another blog it seems hard to find a perfect time to write about something
full time worker on weekdays and full time happy-go-lucky life on weekends made my live alive
Anyway I’m a little bit not well today, so i use my time to write this post

This is just an ordinary outfit post, but I will write down something about lovely people around me
who apparently celebrating their beautiful moments this week and last week
Maybe this is odd but my environment effect me so well
When i stay with they who has a happy feelings, than we like connected
I feel the same way as them

You don’t need fancy stuffs to make you happy, you just need friends and family who do you care about
and do care about you too,hehe

As you see in the middle of sunny day I was wearing this floppy hat made from flannel material
Yes, I’m eager to have vacation! Perhaps going to the beach.
It’s been a few months since my last vacation. I don’t even post about it in this blog yet.
This year I love to explore Indonesia, really cross my finger that everything will going well
A lot event will happen this year and I need to figure out the perfect time to have a little vacation here
Wish me luck :)

zara basic white tee//cashmere cardigan from my Mom//Poladots skirt from RyuMyu
Floppy Hat by ASOSbow ring//Eline Rose Bag//ASOS round sunglasses//Senjo Creme Shoes from Wakai

Lately I’ve been into basic things, I remember everytime i hangout just for going to cinema, hunting photos, lunch or just
have a chit chat with this person, there always be a comment like “can you wear something normal?”LOL
I prefer batwing or loose top when i need to enjoy my sunny Sunday or my lazy Saturday. Thanks to this person, since
i get older I need to change how i dress up, i don’t want people think that i’m still a kid.
It’s true that each of us have a childish side, it’s up to us want to keep it down or show it. 
I think I choose to show it but only people that really close to me

Anyway I would like to say Happy Birthday to my super bestfriend!
This year is been our 10th years to be together!
I remember the first our weirdo meeting, than always help you parking your car
everytime you bring your car to campus,
our crazy nights struggling with those heavy books
and so on, definitely will make a long post for you since you love to read my blog

Thanks for being such a supportive person
I don’t know how i can live without you, thanks for being my tutor
and thanks for change me to be more fun, to laugh more, to make a thousand jokes, to make a silly face
You and your family are one of the best thing and best people that God give to me
Hope our connection will be last forever
Love you more Carmellitta *__*

with love,


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