May 10, 2013

Happy Ascension Day!
I know this kindda late but what can i say, 
my internet connection was very poor last night
How’s your holiday? 
I know it’s only for a day, but hey you can get one day off and have a long weekends just like me,hehe

Mostly people on my town go abroad or visiting domestic destination but here I’am
posting my yesterday outfit post and strolling around this city to get more experience about life.

Jakarta is too crowded but i know deep down in our heart as a citizen we enjoy every single things about this city, don’t you?
Since today the weather is very nice, why don’t we go outside and have a city trip?
Oh but don’t forget to do exercise at least 30 minutes a day

From my experience, yesterday when i went to swimming pool with a friend
I find that I can breathe longer than usual in the water. 
I think it’s because I do exercise regularly so try it and you will find your metabolism better day by day :)

I really envy with my Mom lately, in her late age she can keep her shape
(even she always yelling at me when i gain some weight), sharing her problems at the office, sometimes it sounds stress full, but she knows how to having fun (she just like one of my friend that loves going to the mall) and yesterday she was going to Bali! Almost every year she’s go there. How can be a person arrange all of this in her age?
Balancing spiritual, office problems and happiness at the same time?
Hmm...need to learn more from her.

black jumper by invio//unbranded black-white blazer
studded kitten heels by zara//black purse by aldo//sunglasses by mng

Anyway I went to Church last day with this very not me typical outfit.
Honestly, I don’t really like wearing blazer, it makes me look old
beside i think blazer only look good for bankers,hehe
Since I was wearing this blazer on my last day of work this week so i think
it’s a nice try to wear it for church service, 
and Mom make a comment “Why you look so serious?” 
So I end up changing my look by remove the blazer, put a scarf on my shoulder,
get a bigger bag and put a pair of flats on my feet and I’m ready to have a lunch date with Mom :)

Anyway Happy Holiday Mom!
(already texted her, because she never read my blog)

and Happy Long Weekend for you too :)



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