Chameleon Doll is only a name for a girl who love to change her style everyday. Sometimes she can be as sweet as candy, as masculine as a commander or just simple like an ordinary people. Put her big black eyed on fashion when she was a little. Just like any other girls that loves to spend their pennies on fashion items. Bags and shoes is her collectible items.

Trying to catch her dreams working in fashion field, she is trying to built her personal blog through this blog. Naive and very helpful, that's why you will find a post about life and feelings a few times.

This chameleon doll trying to rebuilt again her minds, dreams, and style by writing a post and taken some photographs.

If you want to know more about the blog and the doll behind it, you can contact her through this email: (open for sponsors and collaboration, please email me for more details)

XO. Olive

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