May 11, 2013
I just want to share about my favorite craft event
Yes, it's INAcraft :)

Spending my day strolling around on that event with Mom
and have a pleasant chat with some friends in the afternoon
The best day ever on this early May

white shirt by ensemble//electric blue skirt by new look
black purse by aldo//studded kitten heels by zara

Found this two booths that really attracted
First one is a booth that sell so many jackets with traditional fabric
They also sell a jacket with ulos material,but it's too heavy
I love this one, but it's a little bit over pricey,hehe

Second booth is full of wall decorations
from vintage picture to cartoons
all made from wood mixed with canvas materials
and sell in quite affordable price
I keep their business card
I hope one day if I have my own house
I will consider to buy a few things from them :)

Never go home without taking an outfit post on this booth :)
Change my shoes and bag to be more comfortable and ready to shop

I was eat like crazy on weekends
Indonesian food always be my favorite
This time on afternoon "coming soon" to be a family meeting
I choose this "Nasi Ayam Betutu" from Bali as my late lunch
and never forget to order fried tofu and fermented soybean as a complement
the last but not least "Teh Susu Jahe"
(it's a tea mixed with milk and some extract from red ginger)
*the name of the place that served this yummy dishes is Kemiri

After a little talk,
I moved to another place called Mangia
(it's two weeks in a row I was go there with the same people)
This time I ordered a strawberry milkshake and a banana waffle with a choco ice cream on top
It was a nice choice to enjoy the afternoon outside
when the wind not too cold
it felt warm because I was in the middle of very nice friends

I need to continue my hibernation day
Enjoy your Saturdate Night readers


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