April 8, 2013

I have a proper time to make a post..yay..
Well, after almost a week without any new post
I have a tons of story to share

Last week was my best week for this early 2013..
Many good things will happen this year
And I'm very excited about it
I can't spread the good news here but I can only hope the best
for every people that get involved in the upcoming happy moment

I believe good things will happen to a good people :)

How's your weekend?
Hopefully it was big as mine,hehe
Nothing makes me happy than a meeting with people that I love
A luncheon, dinner even just a lil chit-chat at the coffee shop always make me happy

Well last weekend I've got all of them!
Luncheon for a big thing that will happen soon to my big family
Dinner and shopping therapy with my best friend
and afternoon chit-chat with my relatives
Should I asked for more?hehe

I was overjoyed..
At the end of the day, I've got a nice chair and a set of table for my sewing machine
Oh please this is too much for a week

Not to mention a quick meeting with a friend whose back from her vacation from Bali
Uh now I miss a beach..
I need to arrange a meeting with a bitch..err I mean a beach very soon

Lately I've been playing dress up with something simple and effortless
I blame it to my Mom!
since She can push me to change my clothes when she doesn't like it

I don't know why 
maybe because my Mom is a working Mom so she can't stand for a person 
who doesn't put their heart on their appearance

I was wearing her dress
(can't you believe it we share the same dress!)
Yeah, she's just a half size bigger than me

I know how you feel when you have a Mom that's very care with their appearance
Maybe your Mom will be my Mom's best friend when they two meet, sigh..

Mom's dress and belt//random accessories//
pyramid bag (coming soon)//studded black kitten heels by zara//asos sunglasses

Today is Monday
and we still have 4 more days to fight for
Just cheer up
Make our deadline as sweet as camomile tea
and smile a lot

Good Night..


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3 sveet comments

  1. Nadya says:

    you can sew? that's a set of skill I need to learn asap

  2. Hi there,
    hmm..I can sew a bit and still learning about it :)
    It's hard to get a sewing class here, mostly private class and a lil bit pricey ^^

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