April 2, 2013

It's already a new month!!
Super excited about this brand new day
After The Easter I made a promise to keeping this blog
and make a post regularly,
Join a few society, learning a new music instrument
and still have a super duper happy life
Wish me luck!

Last Saturday I made my own brunch meals
So I wanna share some tips and recipe for this super easy meals
Get ready..

As always this is my favorite drink all the time
Yes, it's red ginger!
Just cut a red ginger into a small pieces and boil it about 10 minutes
This time I add 2 spoons of organic honey
and a couple drops of lemon juice
also add a couple of ice and put it in a cute bootle + add a cute straw (mine from gudily)

Since I had a tons of things to do on that day
I put 2 scoops of rice (serve it with an ice cream scoop to make it look cute)
add a small amount of mayonnaise and chili sauce

I'm not an expert to make a salad
so I made my version of veggie salad
*Slice a cabbage longways (it's up to you)
**add a black pepper
***marinated with one table spoon of organic honey and one table spoon of olive oil
****if the taste not light enough for you just add a pinch of sea salt

It's time for chicken claw!
I know not so many people like this dish
I also only like it when it be cooked as dim sum or be fried (like in this picture)

How to do?
*Buy a marinated flour, mixed with a few table spoons of water
**marinated your chicken claw on it
***drop those marinated chicken claw into a box that full of flour (you can use the same marinated flour or use bread flour for more crispy effect)
****Fry it in the deep and super hot coconut oil

Me, my Mom and my lil Brother are a big fan of Enoki Mushroom
We adore this Enoki Crispy more than anything,lol
I was trying to make one and hoping it taste like from our favorite restaurant
Well my lil Brother said that the taste is pretty close with our favorite,yay!

How to make it?
it's similar like the chicken claw
my tip: when you want to fry it put it one by one on your pan,
and make sure the oil is super hot for crispy look

Last but not least:
Put all those dishes in a super cute plate
add some garnish :)

*Excuse me for a poor quality of picture
I took it with my smartphone but sometimes my hands was shaking when took all of this pictures
also sometimes I forgot to make a focus,lol

ps: maybe this kind of recipe things will be my regular post beside fashion things
you can access more recipe things with recipe or kitchen hell labels

Have a beautiful day reader


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