April 11, 2013

Good Friday was the perfect time to stay with a big family
It happened about ten days ago when people dress all in black
We were singing, dancing and laughing all day long
Not to forget we also eat a lot Ramen with Chasiu 
It was a perfect match  for our encounter that afternoon

Black long dress by tailor dresser//pearl button earrings//pearl mixed floral necklace by f21//watch by chomel//black triangle bag (coming soon)//black boots by zara

Anyway there’s no a secret that me and my Mom love to take pictures
But not for my brother, when I take some shoots for my blog
He called me crazy,lol. But in some occasion he looks really lovely and join us to take picture together
Both of us agree that picture is a part of life, it’s a memory,
the real things that we can touch

So this is our first time
Taking pictures in public area
Excuse me for the poor resolution of photo
It was taken by my Mom
she has a poor skill for taking picture but a great skill to be a model,lol

please welcome our family vocal group

We are coming from a different background and personality
But when we meet in a family gathering
There no need so much conversation
We just need a guitar and a mic, no cellphone allowed
And a fine food maybe also a few glass of wine then it would be perfect 
I couldn’t asked more
Some little thing like this can be my source of happiness
They say happiness only can be count by money or things
For me, it just as simple as like a warm meeting like this

Yesterday I've got this two beautiful package
One of them probably my last overseas online purchase 
since another happy moment will coming either this year or maybe next year 
and it makes me must save more
Uh, poor me but I'm happy when I see people around me happy because it will affect me
The other package is my surprise for a friend
Really I just wanna to take a pic and share it what's inside the brown box
but i must wait until the special day is coming,hehe.

Anyway,i'm writing this blog in my favorite coffee shop through my smartphone. This is why i love a smartphone nowadays because it's a great investment for a blogger who needs to make a quick post and save their time :)

Have a nice day readers..
don't forget to have a tea or a cup of coffee americano with a spoon of sugar,
it's healthy and will pump your mood.




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3 sveet comments

  1. Nadya says:

    family gathering is the best!! Especially going out with cousins, you seem liked you have a great family :-) btw, love your outfit!

  2. Hahaha not really, sometimes there's a few issues among us. There will be x-boyfriend, x-girlfriend but you'll never find x-family, even we do very very bad things there always be a few people who still open their arms to give you a warm hug, it's them, your family :)

  3. Miss Aa says:

    nice outfit :)

    visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

    there's also giveaway you might join

    warmest regards,
    Miss Aa

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