April 13, 2013

Finally another post in a super hectic week..
This will be my super quick post since I'm too tired to make a long post

Someone told me that my skill for editing a picture is better than before
I don't know if that compliment was sincere or fake
*I don't care,hehe

So this time I will share a simple photo editing tips using your smartphone
I promise I will share my favorite apps, some of them are free :)

Last year I joined basic class photography
and I remember My teacher told me that photography is not only about skill
"practice makes perfect" is the key

I found some of people who love photography challenge their self
everyday to have a better sensitivity
You don't need Canon Mark-II to have a great pictures
(except you can do all of the function of the camera)

Photo is about capture the memory
It doesn't need to be WOW
because it's about your personal things
something that you want to keep or memorizing

This time I'm using a very simple tool
I share the original picture at the end of this post

For the result, I add a frame
a frame that make it look like a polaroid

Before adding a frame I put a few letters
why? Because it looks match with the shape of this tool

For typo effect, I'm using Typic or Overgram
If you like to get better, just purchase Typic Pro and Over
(they'll give you more fonts option and wide color range)

Add some hearts or bullets "bokeh" effect
This one is probably my favorite effect in photography
It's a little bit hard make this effect using SLR camera
but with your smartphone, it's easy to get this effect just with one touch

Try using a thousand of filter to make a cute pictures
my favorites are Picfx, Camera+ and vsco cam

Try as much as you can to get the best filter effect
I prefer the picture to look more warm
But if you like to make it look more cool than
it's okay to make it like the picture below

So the first picture is supposed to be like this
This is a traditional tool to smash your bed
the function is for reduce the dust

go challenge your self to have more sensitivity
you will be amazed by the result :)

All of the apps can be downloaded
both from apple store and android market (or google play)
(I already googled it for android user but still not sure about it)
Happy editing!!

Need to go to the bed very soon
because I need to catch the sunrise tomorrow
wish me luck..
*finger cross*


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