March 11, 2013

Hello world..
it's a long long time since my last post,lol
My real life seems very interesting lately
also a few things came up and bother my mind

After such a few coffee and tea time with some of my friends
even I see some expert in their field to get answer for my problems
finally I came back to my sense
I believe being mad is not the best way to resolve our problems

even I never made a single post for the last 30 days
But still I'm a surfing girl
I'm using most of my spare time googling and reading something that I like so much

Lately I've been drowning to beauty website, blog and simple tutorial
I will post about it later since I'm a bit exhausted after working hours
the rest of my life is fine even better

Dress by DOUCHE//random earrings and watch//new look hairpiece and clutch
round sunglasses by ASOS//Crystal Clear Hells c/o Maran

This month is full of surprise, full of thoughts, full of lesson os life and full of old friends!
This time I take a look my old dress and find this
The white dress that I bought without any plan, just came to the store and take it to the cashier
feeling guilty not to buy the black color at that moment
still looking for the black one but they're running so fast

So with this simple cutting dress
I escort my Mom to her friend's child wedding reception

Never feeling so whitty before, so I add a purple headpiece to pop-up my outfit
What do you think?

Big thanks to Mr. M
who's very kindly taken all of this pretty pictures
excuse me for the poor resolution
*all pictures taken from my smartphone because I'm a little bit
lazy to teach Mr. M about how to use slr camera,lol

I know this is too personal for a blog post
I just want to share my Mom's figure and her friends
(My Mom is the smallest among this group,lol)

Good Nite...

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