February 4, 2013
ensemble outfit for the day

It's already February, the month that full of love, don't you think?hehe
January a little bit cruel for me, since a lot of work to do and upcoming project was killing me
Now it turns to be more slowly, so I decide to share some idea in this post

This year is full of reunion and back to back issue in my life
I feel bless to meet such an old friends
calling back our memories when we were in school
I would say private school is the best rather than public school

I realized we already grown up, but some things are still the same
I can feel it and I hope that our friendship will remain forever

While sharing your love with friends or your lover for this lovely february
It will be nice if we can share our long-lasting love to our parents
I have a unique relationship with my Mom
My Mom is a working Mom and I fell blessed to have her
Since I can share almost anything such as working problem
(we currently in the same field called economic)

She much older than me but nobody's perfect
all we need when we have a problem is taking care all thoughts of side
which side is possible and the positive one
I'm very practical when making a comment about her problems,hehe

But we never get along in shopping,
we have a huge different taste
Sometimes she things my choose of stuffs is out of the box
but when i put it all in one outfit set then She said it's well done ^^

this time I spent Mommy-Daughter quality time
By fulfill my Mom's appetite to try very traditional North Sumatra meals
She heard from her friends a restaurant called Kedai Kak Ani
One of my friend told me that their food not good enough
but since my Mom want to taste it, I can only cross my finger hope that the taste at least fine

Here we go..

Please do come in..

Table set of 4 persons with cute lamp ornament..

Now let's try their meals..
first coming is "longing cap gomeh"

then try scallop satay..

If you dare try this Ice Orange Ketna..
The taste like orange mix sourness things, very fresh ^^

Overall the longing cap gomeh quite similar with the one from North Sumatra (in my Mom opinion)
But She said that She want to try Kedai Kak Ani in North Sumatra
to try which one is the best or just to prove if they have the same taste then it's a great thing

Here is my Mom
Playing save with black and white outfit!Haa..

While me..Feeling more secure in all black outfit..
Backless shift dress by shopatvelvet (local brand)/dotty cape by (x)xml
random tights//earrings, ring and necklace by f21//comel watch
clutch by utee2010//black-white shoes by staccato

I hope you will have a beautiful day ^^

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  1. michelle_ says:

    damnnn your food is making me droooll !


  2. Nava says:

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