January 7, 2013

I'm finally make this diy post. yay!
This is super easy diy and you can do it just for 15 minutes or longer
You need more time if only you can't make your own pom-pom

First thing to do:
Prepare your sweater, knit yarn and scissors
After I made a few pieces of pom-pom then this my lovely scissors just lost
huh! This is my best scissors to cut any kind of fabrics, poor me :(

Here we go..
Make some pompoms by your own,
I know there is some tools to make pompoms but
i think it's more easy to googling how to diy pompoms without any pompom tools
Since I don't have any pompoms tutorial
if you find it's hard to do just email me
then I would love to share a video tutorial to make those pompoms

Then: collect your pompoms (in this project I keep the yarn quite longer
so it will make the jellyfish effect on your sweater,
a matching thread and needle also measurement tape

Use your measurement tape to quantify how far you shoulder from the neckline
In this project I need about 10 cm or 4 inches
to make those pompoms exactly in the middle of my shoulders
Then hand sew them

After That, replace another pompoms that has a smaller size
Use your creativity to make it look more attractive on your sweater
Right after you feel satisfied for your replacement, hand sewing them

Now it's ready to accompany you facing the rainy season
wear it with your rainy boots, a pair of jeans and simple vintage bag and
don't forget to bring your rain coat or umbrella :)
Oh, if your sweater doesn't have lace details like mine
then you can make it exactly like mine by adding some lace on the bottom of your sweater

This is my very first diy project in 2013
I hope I can post more diy project very soon :)


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  1. Anonymous says:

    very cute sweater ;) love it, so vintage

    mind to visit and follow my blog? Click Here
    xoxo, Mich

  2. u so creative!! it's very lovely :D

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