January 6, 2013
Oh, finally I can post something in this 2013 beside a belated Happy New Year,lol
This is a very first weekend in 2013 and all things just superb!
Did you already made your own resolution or annual wishes for this year?
Well it will be noting if we can't perform or make those lists happen

I just imagine sort of things that I would like to do for a year ahead
Just want to share my happiness in this early year
Try your best to release the pain, some things that make you feel embarrassing,
anything and any want that make you feel terrible
start the new things, start to make the new you, the good one

Make those things happen not just by saying it
then you will feel what i feel
fully charged and be positive to face this year

I hope my family and friends can support me well in this year
I already felt lost in 2012
and I hope i can find the truly me in this year,hehe

I also want to change my style this year
Funky style is over!lol
This time I'm trying something that look simple and look mature
but still I feel comfortable and you can also see me
because I don't like people trying to push me wearing something that not I like

Today, I try to explore my neighborhood to do outfit post
But still I'm to shy because last Friday when I took my outfit post everybody like staring at me,lol
It's me lucky day! Since the weather pretty good to take photo outside the house
Still tripod is my best friend for this day :)

top by shopatvelvet//fitted jeans by 16DS (my favorite local label for jeans! trust me they know how to make a chic jeans)//necklace and bracelet by (x)sml//hat (free! yes! this is how i love working at mall, sometimes you will get a stuff for free or in a half price)//watch by fossil//satchel bag by fossil//platform heels by Steve Madden

Here's my diy sweater, the result pretty messy,lol
Will post how to make it on the next post :)
and sorry for my big belly, I'm too lazy to take of my khaki top

mustard sweater by seeka
*will update the link of the store soon

I hope all of you enjoying your weekend like I do
The last but not least
"You can't please anybody, so just be yourself"
-Blake Lively on E!-

Tittle of this post is by The Beatles


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