March 13, 2013

They say:
"Drink and be merry"
I say:
"Eat well and be merry"

We grow up so fast..
Facing a thousand problems
Join into a jungle called work field

But still..
In our little heart
We miss our time back then
Them time when we never thinking anything
but happy things

We recall that time
chit-chat like a high school girl
but act like a woman

*actually this is how I spent my Chinese New Year last Month
with this yummy Mille Feuille
and my favorite Camomile Hot tea
Drinking and eat like a little girl

Yummy and sexy Mille Feuille
too sweet in the beginning
but a little bit bitter in the end

This is by KOI Kemang
A little place from the outside
but when you come in, the space quite big enough

Besides I see so many family comes here
Definitely will coming with my parents and brother to this beautiful place!

At the end of our meeting
When coming to the cashier to pay
they please us with a little fortune cookie

I took just one
and found this beautiful typo
It's not about a future prediction
but I just in love and hope this typo will last forever

"Surrounding by people who love me.."


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