March 18, 2013

They say "Time will heal"
They say "Blood thicker than water"
With those two reason
I make my efforts

Starting our times together
Sharing our thoughts together
Hearing your voice
Knowing that you'll be fine among this universe
Listening that you already have a grown up minds

I hope we'll be as a great time forever
Holding each others back
now and forever..

I think this is too much story about a blog post
Since I can tell it clearly and 
want to keep the happiness feelings on my mind
I just can share what i thoughts
by writing a couples words

We're just people who sharing the same fate
But too shy to say "I'm sorry" lol

This is my outfit when I went to church a couple weeks ago

dark blue collar top and floral pants by by pay less//
super big clutch and oxford shoes by asos//necklace by (x)xml//watch by guess

After all it's Monday, It takes about 5 more days to enjoy another weekend
Just plan your weekend right now, keep it in your mind
so maybe you have more energy to face this hectic day

Have a nice day ^^

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  1. Everything is lovely here but I love your shoes so much !

    See U !

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