March 24, 2013

March is really a fascinating month
Many great things happen in this month
Even it's not always a good things

Lots of work, lots of meet up and running lots of cash!lol
It's because so many friends have their birthday and wedding day in this month

So I blame them, whose make me stay last saturday in the early morning
preparing my own breakfast, the easiest and a very simple menu
I've ever made

I want to make a step by step photos about how to make it
but since my kitchen was messy so I give the recipe by typo :)

Big Baguette//3-6 pieces of bacon or ham (in this recipe I used honey ham)//3 slice of fresh tomato//
3 slice of onion ring (fry it for a couple minutes with olive oil)//tons of parmigiano cheese//
2 tsp light butter (on diet? use unsalted butter)//a pinch of black pepper//1 tbs of olive oil//
1 tbs of organic honey

How to make it?
*Divide your big baguette into 6 slices (it's up to you)
*Fried your bacon and onion ring with a little of olive oil
*Fried your baguette (smear it with a butter)
*Arrange those ingredients with your creativity
*Put one slice of baguette into a plate, add a slice of onion ring, bacon, and sprinkle it with a ton of parmigiano cheese, cover up with another slice of baguette
*STack it in your pretty dish, sprinkle it with a pinch of black pepper, 1 tbs of olive oil and 1 tbs of organic honey
*Sit down on your backyard and enjoy! ^^

In this picture you'll see the sexy baguette along with
a couple of macadamia mix pecan cookies and choco cookies (made by famous amos)
and a cup of red ginger drink

For the red ginger drink:
*You need a cople of red ginger, clean and smash it
*Boil 2-3 glasses of water
*add red ginger and cook for 5-10 minutes
*add brown sugar and cook again 5-10 minutes until the color getting brown
*Now it's ready to be served
*Enjoy it while still hot!

Talking with a few person this day
and found the same opinion like a long time ago
People think I always happy day by day
They never think
That every person has their own problems

It's up to us
Want to expose about it or not
While me..
Prefer to share it with this meals, sip my tea, and relax
(hahaha not help myself at all to find the way out)

Enjoy the meals and be merry..


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  1. Pretty food.. want to eat that cookies <3

    Chic Swank

  2. wow, cool! Maybe I wanna try :)

  3. wooow looking delicious !! <3

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