March 31, 2013

Happy Easter Everyone..
as usual I post something after a week,hehe

How can I say?
Real life is killing me
There is up and down things that happen in my life

Anyway, how's yours?
I'm celebrating this Easter with full of love and joy
I like how my big family finally meet up
Even there is one or two case that deep down in my heart I disagree with their thoughts
(hmm to much showing my feelings,lol)

I hope all of you spending this day with your love ones

Dress and necklace by (x)xml//little black bag by aldo//white sunglasses by asos
random earrings and watch//studded heels by try zara//old school smartphone by blackberry
In my outfit photos I wore sunglasses from MNG

This is my first time taking outfit photos around 08.00 am
I would say this is the best lightning I've ever had
*sincerely I'm a big fan of morning sun

Well, my Mom is a person that always love taking picture with her children
Specially in a special occasion
So let me introduce you to my partner in crime
We are mother and daughter
who has a weird relationship
Sometimes we like Tom&Jerry
but sometimes we like a pen and a paper,lol

This time I promise to my self
To be a new person in spiritual and real time
I'm trying hard to forget the past, release the pain
Forgive those things and person who hate me
Move forward and make a ton of goals

and deep down in my little heart
There is a hope
something that I want the most
Hopefully It will be come true

Last but not least
There is no way I took outfit photos without BTS!



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  1. NADYA N. says:


  2. Miss Aa says:

    happy easter too :)

    visit mine whenever you had a chance :D
    there's also giveaway

    warmest regards,
    Miss Aa

  3. Love the vintage suit on you !! And love your sun glasses <33333
    Following you :)

    Chic Swank

  4. @Nadya: Hi, me too!! Even my bestfriend buy the same one as mine!hehe

    @Miss Aa: Happy Easter too pretty one :)
    Will visit you back very soon

    @Novarinna: Really? Well thanks for the compliment :)
    That's very kind of you, will visit your blog very soon dear

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