December 20, 2012
Who am I? That's a secret that I'll never tell.
You know you love me,
XoXo Gossip Girl
Familiar to this quote?
Yes, it's finale season of Gossip Girl 
which is I've been waiting for
I'm not really that happy to find this one of my favorite tv series on their last season
but I can't wait any longer to see Chuck and  Blair have their
happiest moment! finally!
I saw some spoilers wrote that they will have a cute son
looks like very similar in bow tie and nice suit,
I really hope Chuck pass down his bad guy smile to his son!
As usual somethings that I like about this tv series
of course their high end stuffs like dress, bags and shoes
Never get enough for Blair's classy look
and Serena's sexy curve and playful dress
 Just like this baby blue dress worn by Blair
Oh by the way, this is the perfect lines to end this series and finally bring out the secret
"Who am I? That's a secret I'll never tell!
Okay I'm Dan Humphrey"
Oh Mr Lonely Boy, I still can't believe it was you!
How could be a big brother dump her own sister 
from the world of Manhattan's Elite

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