December 13, 2012

I usually start my post by apologizing my missing in action mood
with a lot of excuse like my real life more interesting or any working problems
Maybe i take this blog too personal.

Yup sometimes we find people put their personal life in their blog, but some of them just wanna share their things to make their self feel secure.

I don't really care the reason because I see all people want to be in a spotlight or to be seen

Sometimes I forgot the resin why I made this blog
the real one, something that make me think
make a post is equal with when me buy some clothes
or reading a new magazine or maybe doing dvd marathon

Yes, being a blogger is a commitment
sometimes it's really hard to stay in this path
but I hope all of you who has the problem or
feel the same way like i feel will get some help by read this post

Just think about this, ask this things to yourself:
"What is my blog's purpose today?"
When we can answer this question that you might find it easier to find your happiness as well

Well, i'm trying my best to rebuilt this blog, my mood and my idea. I'm still the same person
oopppsss! I've changed a bit,hmm..maybe more than a bit

Trying to look very different from inside and out
Who's don't? Because we will face the new year, 
new resolution, new face, new friends and maybe brand new life
Everything will be good if we trying 
our best to be the better person

*ps: can't get enough of Lana Del Ray's outfit and make-up
sorry since i have a short hair, I don't have any interest in long hair hair-do. It looks boring,hehe (no offense but I just crazy in short hair thingy lately)
Oh and her super cool body shape looks very amazing!
I wonder how much time and what treatment that she used to get that super hottie shape? *envy

Good nite,

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