November 17, 2012
Once upon a time
Something happen and your life suddenly been moved to the next step
Just like now, I'm trying to follow what we called technology by making a post from my smart phone. Finally! And i hope i post a proper quality of pictures

Lately I've been trying to change my mind,my life even my appearance. I'm feeling too pleasurable with my comfort zone so i make a move. Hopefully it's a good one, as before I'm still trying to catching my dreams in a good way with trying to see every angle from every people's eyes or thought nearby

Hmm..I enjoy this little step and hope that i can be go to the next level to be a mature woman.

Meet someone from the past could be a refreshing moment. They reminding us the person that we should be in that old era and we know how far we walked away from that focus.

I'm so relief that I have this moment to think about more and more,put mu best effort to know more about myself, to be more comfortable with it and be shinning. I just wanna say that we must proud of ourself,why? If you don't then who's gonna be believe in you? Nothing but yourself! You can't please anybody so at least please yourself :)

This time I change my style to look more cute by wearing mint color with some tribal pattern,of course with the new short hair,hehe

What I Wore: Ciffon asymetrical dress by Betty// Minty Cardigan by Onna (korean label)//Clutch by asos//tribal wedges by payless

XO. Olive


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  1. Joey says:

    I love your envelopet clutch and the colours of the whole outfit. Moving away from your comfort zone can be a good thing to discover yourself :)

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