October 26, 2012

Hello longweekend!
Finally at least I can make a post in this beautiful morning,hehe

Hmm..lately it's been hard to get a nice time to make a post
I really love this digital ear but still i can make a change about time
I just need more than 24 hours a day specially on weekends,haha

I gonna tell you one of my secret
ssstt..please keep it tightly
actually since i was in high school I've been addicted to magazine!hahaha
Specially some of them that give me knowledge about fashion, music, art and photography
Sometimes i cut my budget for hangout or meals to buy some of them

In this case, I will share my favorite magazine ever!
First.. Who doesn't' love nylon?
I've always buy this magazine since i was in college
and i was very happy to know they make an Indonesian edition!
They really put their heart to make each of edition 

Second..Of course frankie!
Even it's very hard to get a copy, i mean the real one
sometimes i must searching it on entire twitter world
that i could possible find someone who import this magazine to my town
Finally some of bookstore in my town import this magazine but still the price is two times
more expensive than the real price

This moment i can't wait any longer 
and ordered one of frankie 50 issue beside i think it's pretty fair
since this is a special edition and publish every two months

This 50 issue has a very fantastic cover,
it's handmade by needle and thread! I don't know how they do it
but they make it into a print very beautifully
When you touch its cover, you will definitely feel
and know that it's hand sewing!

I know it also from the first time i've got an alert in my email
that the digital version of this issue was release on zinio!
that moment also make me eager to have the real one!
yay! i know this been too much just only for one magazine
but that's my deepest feeling of this magazine!LOL

Last one is YEN!
This is my first time buy YEN magazine, just wanna check their content
Why? Because the price getting cheeper than before
and found this magazine look similar with frankie
hmm..maybe frankie is focusing with art or crafty project even
you will never get bored with it because 
they also put music and life story by inspiring people as their content
YEN is more simple, with a clean cover

This two magazine was came from Aussie, but still
I'm wondering how they make it in simple and clean cover?
Very opposite from any other magazine,specially
compare to my local magazine
hmm..is it because they are an independent magazine?

hmm..either it's true or not
They still have their own worshiper
just like me,haha

Enjoy your day fellas!
While i'm sipping my tea and read this three magazines

XO. Olive

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  1. Nava says:

    Great post! I love it! ^^ You have a nice blog, mind to follow each other? :)


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