September 22, 2012
This is your captain speaking
Please be ready for our fantastic flight
destination : Tomorrow Land

You don't need to bring any luggage, just keep tweeting and capturing all of this beautiful pieces
Enjoy the journey :)

the first four picture is edited by me, the rest of it purely from my camera without any editing

I hope you're enjoying your flight with me
here as a captain of this plane
See you on the next flight

All collections already released
Check them on every (x)xml base camp
happy weekend and be merry guys

My favorite pieces are the dots pieces from shirts, shorts till those trousers, than anything that made from chiffon with the bow details, maxi dress and of course the waterfall jackets

Since this quite a long post with a lot of pictures I don't think I need to put my opinion about the show
This is my favorite local brand so everything looks adorable
even I found some pieces that look like any other local designer and it's called copycat!
But i found this piece has been transformed to be something that look different from the original design

It could be happen for anybody
not only for the designer, but it could be happen to you
Just be calm, other people can be a judge but they will also know who's the pioneer
Just think that you too fabulous so they follow through what you've done :)

XO. Olive

find another chameleon doll at:


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2 sveet comments

  1. bagus foto2nya. km dtg juga toh ternyata :)

  2. super cool fashion show concept! I wish my boss will sent me to attend a fashion show lol :p

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