September 21, 2012

I always very excited when I need to arrange a holiday even a short trip
I know for sure about how many days that i need to explore one place
and how much things that i need to bring

I prefer morning flight for domestic flight so I prepare all pretty things the night before
Here's my tips for having a stylish vacay

In this moment I mostly visited a place that have so many beautiful beach
so we need a hat, super cute sunglasses and sunblock
this time i bring tanning spray 
(I'm not quiet a girl who adore and being addicted to have a porcelain skin)

Focus on the place that you want to visit
If you choose a beach, shorts are must
Maybe a couple of tank tops or others top which made from a thin fabric
make sure your clothes are full color, why?
Because it's a vacation, be cheer up by showing your playful outfit
This moment I also bring the black outfit because it's a possibility to go to the church on Sunday

Simple way to mix and match is bring your match suit
I just made two match sets, one in shocking pink and another is in black polkadots pattern
I'm pretty happy with my tailor man since it's prefect fitted and done before i go to this short trip

Of course you can't forget to bring your best swimsuit and a snorkeling gear
be ready to have a cute be achy shoots by bringing your cute bag
this time i bring my birdy box and a couple of headpieces, necklace and earrings

Last things to be broughts are band-aid (in case you get bitten by plankton), 
small package of fragrance and hair mist
Buying a great hair mist is an investment, why?
They keep your hair shiny and smells good besides
it also keep your hair looks health, cover from the sun and the water of the ocean which contains
of so many minerals that can damage your hair

polkadots suit by tailor made//orange loose shirt by cotton ink//blue tank by cotton ink//
white shorts by petite cupcakes//unbranded green mini skirt//white shirt by Zara//eye mask by the body shop//love earrings from new look//guess watch//pink satin suit by tailor made//owl necklace by (x)xml//handmade birdy box//polkadots platform by asks//straw hat from payless//handmade floral headpiece by her&him//shades from MNG and Calvin Klein//Tanning spray by Banana Boat//X-tray hair mist//Can Can eat from a friend//band-aid//one piece swimsuit by twenty for teen

Don't forget to go with a big wide smile

XO. Olive

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