September 26, 2012

Who doesn't love Sunday?
It's a great day to go for a church service than having a chat with your family

This time, i spent with my big brother
for lunch and sharing some things, them that things called problems,eh..

We make a mistake and of course who wants to repeat it again and again?
No one.. It's not my style to asked someone of something that happen in my life
but sometimes we need asked a few people because each person have their own point of view
that might be different from yours and it can open your eyes in different way

Nah..that's what I need
Being a mature person with an attitude is hard, I prefer to check every possibilities
that could be from one problem
and then find the best way to handle it

  Anyway, this is just my opinion but NYLON indonesia just getting bold and bolder month by month
This is not an ads but I write this matter because I follow them since their first edition
It's really truly the best art, fashion and music magazine in town
It's like some huge matters coming in one package, brilliant!
I know this last paragraph is so random,
but I just want to share how I feel about this magazine,hehe

two sweet things in my lazy Sunday:
my favorite magazine and my owl necklace

sheer shirt by oneandahalf//polkadots capri pants by tailor made//
polkadots bow platforms from ASOS//black glossy tote bag with rabbit figure from SG
watch//owl necklace by (x)xml//NYLON indonesia zine//Frankie zine 

First time taking outfit photos in public area
Now I feel better after asking some of my muse blogger
about how to face people's eyes when we're being photograph

Meet this cutie one year siberian husky named MAX!
Very cute and friendly, just like me,eh..

special thanks for my photographer :)
all pictures edited by me

XO. Olive

find another chameleon doll at:


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  1. love your pants and your shoes. ultra cute :)

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