September 5, 2012

Yay! Finally I have some time to post this last part of my short holiday
This time I was in Oar Island, a few miles from Umang Island but still this two island near from Java Island
Oar Island is very small one, you can go around this island about five until ten minutes
It such a great experience for me, like a dream come true
Since me and my brother have some minds that we try to catch all beautiful island that has a pretty beach
all around Indonesia, I hope we can make our wish come true

We feel this island like our private beach, it was so quite and very relaxing when i was there
snorkeling is my first thing to do as soon as i step my food on the sands
I saw a couple of memo, some cute coral reefs and a big shape coral that you can stand above it (sssttt you must move your feet around since you can step your feet above those coral reefs because you can destroy them, better watch your feet or take a pair of fin. 
Believe me i'm not very comfortable with those fin but it's helpful)

This is my first trip with my office mates,
sometimes I wish my office mates has a similar age like me
But now i realize how much I love them,
I've been thankful to know them, they are my best seniors and boss!
They like friends, seniors but also I feel like they're my parents when they keep their eye on me
and they know and understand how happy I'm to do snorkel 
and seeing or screaming around to release my mind,lol. 

"You think that you know the best thing for yourself,
that's why you've never be thankful about what you've have
until you lose it"

Be cheerful and still stylish :)

I have a feeling that I'm gonna meet another beach very soon
sssttt.. don't spread this good news until I release some pictures,lol.

XO. Olive

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