September 1, 2012
blue peplum bow top is tailor made//necklace from (x)xml (local brand)
all photos taken by myself (also with tripod) and edited by me

It's been a few days or i would say a week since my last post
I'm still very much alive and love to see others blogger fellow post trough IFB
This week kindda a mess, full loaded works to do for closing time

Anyway since I'm in love for floral headbands, finally i have some idea in my mind
taking some photos to show how much I'm in love with them
Also I'm still trying to looking at a few floral crown that very simple but suitable for my style

As seen on the first picture was my first floral crown coming from new look
I've been their loyal hairpiece customer for sure
Because they have a simple style and very affordable, this is not an ads but prove your self by checking their store soon, maybe you will get something cuter than this one :)

The second piece coming from asks, bought this because it's on sale
also simple and i like how they mix between the orange daisy and the white one
On the last is also coming from new look store made from chiffon material, very thick and cute

I'm not trying to expose myself aggressively but this time
I'm just follow my cousin suggestion to practice my emotion in from of camera
Not trying to look like a model but trying to look very natural

Mostly people love a candid pose but actually those pictures mostly are not a candid pose,lol
I hope i will doing much better the next time

Have a nice weekends fellas :)

XO. Olive

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