August 22, 2012

How's your day?
This is my first time posting more than one post for a day
Why? Because I feel blessed on over joyed today,hehe
Something happens but it's too personal to be shared here

Spent my day with browse my inspiration board, took some outfit pictures and meet someone to share my stories, yeah i'm kind a fussy girl when i feel comfortable enough with people who i trust
This time we have a coffee together and beef bitter ballen as our snack in Anomali Cafe.
This is my first time here, I passed this coffee shop like thousand times but never have so much time to visit the place. This time I tried their recommended hot fusion coffee with creme brûlée flavor
so tasty, besides the bartender make a heart shape on my cup so lovely :)

Quite a long afternoon conversation seems not enough for us
We also spent our valuable with strolling around the bookstore (my favorite one)
I've been keep my eye on Fifi Lapin's book, it's already available for online purchase
but I want to see all of the content first, I do love Fifi Lapin's illustration
but still I prefer to buy a book with a lot of information on it not only for their pictures

End up with brought this book and sharpie marker, I can't believe I only buy the pen in one color
I supposed to be very obsessive with colorful markers since I was a little
Hmm.. i think it's a good start to change that habit, 
i just need one to replace my missing pen in my daily bag 

Today will be my last Eid holiday,
so sad but in the same time I feel ready to get back to work
Just wish me luck on my last two days of work in this lazy week

XO. Olive
pictures taken by me

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  1. Ivana says:

    You have a lovely blog and great post, thanks for sharing!

    I followed gfc and bloglovin #2.

    Follow me back? :)


  2. SJ says:

    the coffee looks yummy,, and that book is so adorable!!

    great blog

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