August 18, 2012
Finally i have me time to post some picture about my last getaway
This upcoming Eid Mubarak definitely make me stay at home
my house maid already going back to their hometown to celebrating Eid with their family and friends, honestly i hope they won't forget to come back to my house.

Because of this issue i must stay at home for making meals and cleaning the house but i still have some times to do browsing, chatting and of course tweeting,lol.

So, here we go..
At the end of July I had a short trip getaway with some of my seniors from my office, we spent two days and one night in an island called "Umang" and spent about a few hours at "Oar" island at the last day before we're going back to our town.

Here's the journey when we spent our first day at "Umang"
I think pictures will show you more than my writing
Actually nothing special when i was there
I just in love with the beach, with the ocean, with nemo fish
or with another underwater things.

I saw the blue sky, the teal ocean's water and sometimes it looks blue too, also the white sands. All those kinds make me feel relax and calm. In the night when I was a little bit out of my mind I swam and screaming out loud just release my feeling about the bad things or something that bother me a lot. 
It helped me to move on :)

all pictures above courtesy of me
This is a recap about my first day at "Umang" island
all tiring moment for seven hours to get here was worth
even i'm not really sure to have that experience once more,lol
see you on the next part..

XO. Olive


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