July 26, 2012

I entered a competition last week, hopping that i can make it to the next round
I think I'm not lucky enough,hehe
I already took some outfit picture,
actually it's for the competition if i can make the next round
since I'm not,i will make a post about it one by one

It's been a long time since my outfit post
This picture was taken last Sunday and i really wearing this set on that day
Getting old made me look more carefully to choose my outfit
Nowadays I'm currently playing safe with the earth tone

On this set, I'm wearing cotton white shirt by Nikicio/Wool earth tone skirt by MNG (I love this skirt so much because you can wear it to the office and for casual , also have it in black color)/earrings by new look/necklace by (x)xml/wooden heels by Steve Madden/Little two tone bag by cotton.ink

This white shirt is my have things on my wardrobe
I already have two kinds of white shirt, the other is made by linen
Will be looking for another white shirt, please let me know if you have a recommended piece of it
Trust me this item is a must, it's like an investment just like simple black dress
or simple cut blazer (saw this tips from Nina Garcia's black book)

Just planning to be more picky with the upcoming trend
I don't want to be a fashion crime, but
in a mean time i don't want to follow the trend all the time
Seeing my idols that they inspired so many girl in this world
because of their unique personality and personal style,
I hope i can do the same thing :)

Finally tomorrow is Friday!
It means hello weekends
and more time to spend my time to buy some necessary things
believe me this its "necessary"
Enjoy your night
*special thanks to my cousin who took all of this pictures, I owe you!

XO. Olive


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