July 31, 2012

It's been quite a few days after my last post
Since I'm trying to rebuilt this blog again,
I'm trying to make a post regularly :)

How's your weekends fellas?
I hope it was awesome

Spent my weekends for short trip to Ujung Kulon
I mean I didn't go to Ujung Kulon Island, 
but the place that i've visited it's near to Ujung Kulon National Park

So, here's my weapons to hit the beach!

left-right/up-down: stripes top from Zara (wore it a thousand times until the color a lil bit fade,hihi)//one piece suit (on vacation with the elders make me to wear something that look classy but also modest in front of them//soft pink tees by uniqlo//flare dark blue shorts by tailor-made//body butter//soft pink face towel//cotton mini skirt by cotton.ink//white eye mask (sharing a room with someone else makes me bring this item because i can't resist a light when i was sleep)//shades by mng//elephant pi's//tanning oil//face mist by evian//cleanser and toner by khi el's

This is like a few weeks ago plan, I can't resist myself to spread the news
But since people around me teach me
to not spread about something until it's pretty sure
the thing will coming so i keep by myself

Will make another post about this short trip very soon :)
It's a great place to spend your holiday or just a few days
to relax beside it's in Indonesia

Our country is more beautiful if we still believe in it and want to explore more..

XO. Olive


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2 sveet comments

  1. Nava says:

    I miss being in the beach! Love the peterpan-collar dress, dear! <3


  2. actually that's not a peter pan-collar dress but it's a swimsuit :)

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