July 18, 2012

It's like a magic, just because of one social media called twitter I can find this event. I saw this event was retweet by dreamesh, their sponsor who make a beautiful little bean bag (a price for person who came with the best dress). This event is for free but we must do a registration by the third party called Eventbrite.

Adalahkita invited Kleting and the legendary fashion stylist Chitra Subiyakto for this event called "LOKAL VOCAL" last Saturday. I think they made it to open our eyes to consume local product. Chitra Subiyakto as the first speaker told us about being loyal to local stuffs without looking boring or look traditional. She said that local not always about ethnic, we can mixed some traditional pieces into our modern outfit. As we can see that she is wearing a red dress made from saroong with a big belt on her waist. She told us that the buckle on her hips is vintage stuff with an ethnic details on it. Oh I can't tell more that shut my mouth at the first time I saw her, she's too amazing with her mind that concern about lokal stuffs and people who creates it.

She also a creative buyer for Alun-alun Indonesia (I was shocked to know this fact) and she loves to get any person who makes lokal or traditional stuffs to be sold in Alun-alun.  This project not just only for business reason but also make a plan for the creator to manage their creation very well so they can make their product bigger , maybe they can export those stuffs. In another story she also told us about their past, she went to collage for economy major but she loves fashion so much, even her parents don't a agree with he choice, she keeps trying and now we can see that she success. I was so inspiring by this story, since it's a little bit my story,lol.

Now it's Kleting story as the next speaker, She told us about her life story. About how her parents had a doubt about her decision to enter ESMOD (fashion school in my town), continue her study at Italy, had a job at Hongkong, finally go back to Jakarta because she loves Indonesia so much and created KLE label. I think not much people who went to foreign country for study and want to go back to Indonesia, but I'm falling for her love to this country, also being ashamed by what she said at that time. Kleting story is more about how to built a brand, to do a good design and work hard on it, so inspiring story.

Anyway there is another story that Chitra Subiyakto told to us. She made a slideshow about her portfolio and she's adore old era, like something that can we see from "Lewat Djam Malam" movie (it's a local remake movie that i watched on Friday, thanks God I already watched it, so when she tell about it I know for sure about old things that inspire her). Anything can inspire us, it can be movie, song, people that we meet on the street and so on, just open our eyes, our ears and let's be inspire by what wee see and what we hear. score! I just love this judgement.

I went a little bit late to this event, err.. maybe about fifteen minutes. But I never regret it since i was sitting beside Claradevi, yup..it's a pretty girl who adore vintage so much and running for her fabulous site named luce-dale. She's so pretty and friendly when I see in person. She's suddenly became our third speaker and tell us the story behind her blog. She also won the best dress with Dhea (some one who has a unique style, I think it's a little bit like Chitra, very bold but also chic too bad i didn't take any picture of her)

first picture: Zoo Poster by Diela Maharanie
second and third picture: The Story of Admiral Kasarung by My Tulisan

I can describe more about how happy myself to attend this event. Not only to make up my mind about local stuffs and fashion world but also have a chance to meet those beautiful speaker and my favorite creative blogger. Every person that came to this even also inspire me because their outfit was stunning, every single person have a local items that they wore that night. It was magnificent event I'm tired after the picnic with my Girls Day Out gang right before this event (will make a post about it letter). In the end of this post i would like to say thanks to Adalahkita for organized this event, I'm looking forward for your next creative event! For the last few picture, I just want to share my happiness to be in one frame with this inspiring person :)

Oh for this event I'm trying a few local stuffs as many as I can. I wore shirt by nikicio, jumper by oneandahalf, bow tie handmade by sibebo, pants by mng, big tassel bag by juvenille and shiny ballerinas by (x)sml.
first picture until the last pic:
my two favorite speaker on that day//Me with Chitra Subiyakto (i was shacking when ask her to have a pic with me)//Me and Miss Vintage Addict Claradevi//participant had a talk with Kleting (very kind to give you a tutorial about how to start a brand)//Me again with Miss Claradevi (i was so happy to have a talk with her and interview her about her blog and so on)//Goodie bag from the event//Thanks to Adalahkita! This is awesome!

XO. Olive


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