July 17, 2012
It's been 38 days after my birthday and finally I can write a recap about it in this post. I used to be happy for getting older than before but not now, I'm scared to be old,lol. Maybe it's because we take more responsibilities coming by adding one year to our life. I had a festive ceremonial in case to celebrate my birthday. Family and friends is my priority, I'm nothing without them. This year I'm trying to catch all of the free gift that i can get for being 25th but I'm not a free gift maniac for sure.

I was celebrated my birthday with my office mate by had a lunch together in our favorite sushi bar also claim my half price bag because of celebrating my big day, also coming to a beauty shop to get a little birthday gift. It's not about a free stuffs but trust me it feels like they care about you on your big day. Will make another post soon about some place that i visited during my birthday week.

Another way to celebrated is with my family and best friends. We're had a dinner together, laugh and a long conversation, we went to the same collage and still do care for others even we work in a different job. Thank you so much for all of you, I will miss you all till our next meeting and thanks for the present :)
1st Line: Orange snake skin look a like clutch by clementine/ handmade bow tie by sibebo/
custom made suede wedges by local brand
2nd Line: three some panties/long purse by Harper&Smith/two cutie bow ties by sibebo
3rd Line: Loafers by Charles&Keith/body bath & spray lotion by the body shop/ Orang flats by Charles&Keith

XO. Olive


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  1. you got all these for your birthday? that's wonderful! i love the loafers <3
    re: thanks for the information! i'll go when i got the time!


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  2. Not all of them,a few of them coming from my favorite store :)
    Your welcome and enjoy!

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