July 16, 2012

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All things inspired me, from movies, crafts, music even a character of persons. Day by day, years by years we will get a lot of things to fulfill our life. I used to be a happy person until I realized all surround me trying to attach me to this bad world. Hmm.. maybe the bad thing is not this world but the person who stay in it. I keep thinking and meet people, I love to talk with so many person to hear their opinion about this life and what they’ve been through. We can’t blame it all to others. What do you think the purpose of God created this universe beside of trying to unite us?

Meanwhile people just thinking about themselves, the more I see that people so selfish (at least in my town) they just focusing about something that have a direct effect to their life. Maybe this is just my opinion, I don’t want to push this idea to your mind.

Actually my mind is not simple, it’s made from a few books that I read for the last twenty years. I love any text that can improve my mind, because only from the books we can see the world (ups also the gigantic thing called internet). One things for sure that I’ve never seen any books that show me how to push or change people to do what we want. I know some of them but it’s need a process.

I need to know that process because it’s pretty hard trying to make people understand what we mean without making any judgment to take down their minds or order. I feel close to the answer just need a couple of persons  that I can asked for this similar case.

I believe something happened for a reason, what we need is just open our eyes widely, hear and feel the sign that lead you to the God’s voice

XO. Olive


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