April 5, 2012
It's already April and I'm so excited about this month, so many things will coming to me,yay! Sometimes yoou need to get something bad to move on or to get out from your comfort zone. I get lazy before but now it seem I'm back to my sense to create some imaginary life as before. I think i got too much intervention by outsider and it's not a good thing, you get confuse and being to be other person. 

Since I'm browsed a lot and make a prediction about next season trend even I'm not a person who follow a trend except it's on my budget and I feel comfortable and pretty when i wore it but I'm in love with this collection by NIKICIO. They released NIKICIO FEMME SS 2012 a few moments or maybe a few weeks ago,hahaha. It's too bad I'm too busy being with numbers and can't get the invitation to their show. But I already came to The Goods Dept and feel the fabric by myself. Oh my I'm dying to have their maxi dress with a tulip shape on the sleeve and on the hip. It's perfect for my birthday! (hahaha even my upcoming birthday is in June). First time you see this collection I know you will be in love in every single pieces.

I think nikicio brand will be huge because i feel a different in every single collections that they made. It's always different but still simple and it's unpredictable! Two thumbs up for the nikicio team! I'm proud to have, know and wearing your pieces. Here's the tempting pieces and enjoy

picture credit: goodsdept website


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