April 6, 2012
Happy long weekend! yay! As i told before that this month will be huge and fabulous for me. More course to go and more place to hang to be reviewed. How's yours? I'm just celebrating Good Friday, hoping to be a great person and doing a good things for others. Speaking of a good friday it means all in black! Like MIB in every single sequel that they made. Someone told me that i look like Gaga or maybe inspired by her sense of fashion because of what i wore today when i attended the church service,lol. 

Black is classy and i think you don't need to put so much things on your outfit when you wear black outfit. This time i have some options to wear black outfit, i know i look over dressed but i don't care. It's not about the brand that you wore, it's about how you wear it, people notice when you don't feel very comfortable when you wore something. At least just focus on yourself, believe that you look pretty good and go with it, ups don't forget to up your chin girls

Another thing that i love about black color is beacuse you look relly chic and being like parisiene, right? So my first outfit is the simple outfit just for hang on a cool restaurant, for sightseeing or just to see art exhibition

black with love dots pattern by topshop//black purse by aldo//black heart wedges by argyle&oxford

My second outfit is an effortless and affordable black dress that will make you look beautiful. Wearing more acessoriess is a key to get more attention or just wearing a red lipstick, just choose one of them. If you like to wear a red lisptick, don't put much acessoriess. Don't forget the hairpiece or a pair of super cute black heels or wedges.

simple black dress by velvet//black purse by aldo//black heart wedges by argyle&oxford//necklace by f21

Last outfit is my fave one, inspired by pretty Lady Gaga. It's not as brave as Gaga who loves to wear something that extra ordinary outfit. Maybe some people hate her or seeing that she's weird but she's inpiring me because of her self respect and she's comfortable with her self. yay! Thanks God i have a bunch of people who has a good self confidence! Love you all friends

Mom's lace black top (fave piece from my Mom's closet)//black leather look midi skirt by onenadahalf//necklace by f21//black bow rings by f21//black purse by aldo//black custom made wedges (best custom made shoes ever!)


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