April 6, 2012
This supposed to be a monthly meeting but we are too busy or maybe there was too much reason to look busy even we don't, finally we met up! Thank's to Miss sexy rabbit and Miss foxy lady who invite us to this fish&chips meeting! Why i called it as fish&chips meeting? Because all of us ate fish&chips on that day! Hmm.. big portion for dinner?i don't think so, even I finished my dinner because i don't want to look unpolite by leave it half on my dish. Anyway, hip hip horaaay for both of them and thanks for the treat! It's an honour to have a chat with all of you! I made two kiddo mask for both of them and bought some small cakes for celebrating a big day! Congrats fellas!
The gank: Prilly, Inne, Sekar, Fani and me
this is dedicated post to my girls in our mothly meeting
Me wearing black lace office top//black office skirt//random red belt//rabbit glossy bag//red pump kitten heels by zara//metalic blue nail polish by face shop


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