March 28, 2012
This is the first time in my life have a super short trip on weekends. Two weeks ago I have a short trip for two days and a night to Singapore with my childhood friends. We've been together because we went to the same church and knowing each other quite well. Well it was the hardest day because we just had a little time to shop,hahaha. Definitely never go overseas with a friend that love to shop, or at least stay longer! ooppps!

Haul from drugstore and airport stand//h&m catalog//ikea catalog//passport//smartphone

It was a very plesant short trip even I didn't go to cute cafe for hang or just gossiping because we are too busy to get a cute stuffs, but we eat a lot, we walk a lot and we smile a lot. I never go to Spore without visiting ikea even the place quite far away from my place to stay. This time I'm back to ikea tampines, yayness! It's the biggest ikea in this city because they have their own building and restaurant. Sttt but this is my first time have a lunch in ikea since i was busy to buy a lot of things on my list.

Haul from IKEA
flowery cheap pillow//kids laundry bag//kids jewelry bag//two bed set//candle lantern

Browsing ikea web is a must thing to do before you go there, why? Because you will buy something that you need or at least you already make a list and have a budget, except when you were there you get some stuffs that on sale or you can't find it on their site. I know ikea stuffs is kinda cheap or affordable but I always adore how they create something that look very pretty from recycle things or simple material, oh and their fabric is amazing! I didn't buy it but still adore the fabric pattern.

Haul from Orchard and Bugis
Orange wedges//Dark Blue Batwing Dress//Minty with super cute collar top//
Basic tee and Boyfriend Pants from uniqlo//snake skin pattern top by h&m//
unbranded colorful and braided belts by h&m//sunglasses pouch by h&m

My best finds so far is this colorful belts, it's very cheap and looks very cute. Also I got a few earrings coming with a good price and very cutie. Ahh I can't really describe my feelings about getting things in affordable price but also makes you look pretty,hehe.

How's about your weekends friend? I hope it was terrific just like what I had. By the way what's going on in fashion world right now? I think for local, it's going like basic, clean cut design but there is one brand that coming with flowery collections (will writing about this very soon). For global trend I think color block things still catch our heart, flowery sheer blouse and collar details! Oh i love when i don't have any deadline in the office and just upgrade my knowledge with fashion things or self improvement things.

Good Night and Have a Sweet Dreams..


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