March 16, 2012

It’s been a while and I know I have repeat this words a few times.
I’m still very much alive, happy, sad and confuse in the same time.
Thinking about what you love to do, your job, your life it’s not easy.
Being a kid is better than being me right know,hehe

Thanks to a miracle that just happened to me, but still I need more sign to make sure I’m stay in a right path. From this blog I would like to say thanks for the helping from psycolog, from a little book that I’ve got from (this little book really help me and still read it), a movie titled “HUGO” who show me a great story about one man that make a decision to stop doing what he like even in the end of the story I know he will be back to the right path. It helps me a lot to know my condition and arrange my happy ever after life back again to my side. I always believe that every person has their own pesona and their own lucky. What you need that you just must believe with yourself, all great things will happen and come to you right away when you need it.

Since I look gloomy and has a dull face lately it doesn’t mean I wore a bad outfit, I’m still concern with what I wore and getting more craving for a good package of my self after get a job. I feel my style look more serious than before, but still why people around me think my outfit look weird? Is that because I am weird and having a different thoughts than them or is it because they’re have an ordinary touch of style? Someone who read this know for sure what I mean! Gah!

By the way I have a new account in pinterest. I made it last year but don’t have an opportunity to make it public like this day. If you have one please follow me, I don’t re-pin or make a pin about trash, it’s all about DIY, Crafty stuffs, Living ideas like siple project to make your nest more beautiful and many things that contains with beautiful color, pattern and shape.

Anyway, last Sunday I went to church with my lovely Dad and my brother. I was the happiest moment for this month since finally my Dad can go with us even not every week but I believe this is a good progress on him. I’m sure people around me know my feelings about him. Get well soon Papa, I can’t wait to have dinner outside together as before with another member of this family.

Currently in love with any type of cape makes me buy this simple black cape made from thick material, so in love with the cape shape and have a plan to make another one with a pattern and better material.

Aaahhh this weekend gonna be a great weekend because I will spend it with my girls gang, we arranged our short trip for this weekend and I hope it will be fabulous and shopping till we drop. I hope I will back with a bunch of stories specially a great review of a chic café (it’s been a long time since my last post about nice place to hang). Hang on, still pack my things and check my plan, wait for my next post please…

Black&white t-shirt by zara basic/wool grey pants by tailor belongs to my Mom (you’re not gonna believe the age of this pants!)/black cape by local brand/black heart shape wedges by orgyle&oxford/random accessories/ big black clutch by utee2010


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