January 23, 2012

Happy Lunar for those people who's celebrate it :)
Just rebuilt myself with some ideas about what to do in this year. Actually i feel a little bit lost in this early 2012. It's like walking without a sign, thanks God I have such a beautiful people around me that love to give me some advise specially my Dad. I hope this matter don't effect me any longer. By the way thanks to my cousin, my new photographer since he loves taking my picture but always complain about my dull hair or my expresion that look so serious or ugly. All pictures was taken last year on christmas day. I hope oneday Daddy will be in the same frame with us on christmas day :)

What I'm wearing:
Grey Maxi Dress by cotton.ink//Sequins Jacket//
Sequin Party Clutch by Susy Smith for ASOS//custom made Black Platforms
random accessories

Since last year I've been crazy about online shopping in ASOS, they have very up-to-date stuffs and style and the price is affordable for some sections. So far i bought this purse and glittery platforms, will post about it letter because if my Mom see that on this blog really soon, she will kill me,hahaha. I don't know but my Mom hate high heels specially more than 2 inch.
Have you watch Sleeping Beauty?One of the cast is Emily Browning. Hmm.. the boys gonna love to see that movie because most of the scene showing Emily Browning's body uncovered! Trust me! I can't get the point what's going on with her life in that movie, I just know that she's been trapped on sex trade, that's all! If you have watched it please tell me soon if you have any other descriptions about the story.


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  1. Liv, I loooooooove your sequins jacket!!! Pretty :)

  2. adorable dress! :D


  3. Loveee your jacket! That has a sparkksss;) Just likeee youuu!


  4. Olivia says:

    to Cheela: Thanks Cheel :)
    to Lidya + Ruth: thanks for reading :)

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