March 1, 2012
It's the first day of March and I feel bad to neglect this blog. I been busy for my real life although I miss blogging so much. I'm still checking all my muses and my favorite fashion blogger, being excited to see a bunch of street style photographs from New York, Milan and London Fashion Week. How about you? What things that makes you feel happy lately?

I think last month was the hardest month for me, i think it was the lowest point in my life. Have you ever thought seriously about the things that you want to do, like who do you want to be, what kinds of things that you can do to get some money, or where you will be in the next three or five years later? We used to be a happy person but sometimes if you don't have a goal list, some things that you want to achieve then your life is boring.

Someone told me that I'm different from others. Am I?

I think a lot when I don't have someone around me, it's more like daydreaming. It's more difficult right now when people that you love doesn't agree or can't follow your thoughts. Feeling guilty every time you see them because it's like your trying to  against them even it's not what you mean. I think a short trip will be nice to refresh my minds, get back my emotion and good mood because at this time i can't trust anyone to share this matter.

I know this looks very random, just typed it without any purpose.

Will post some outfit or diy project very soon :)

Happy Monday everyone..


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