January 21, 2012

In this early 2012 my big family from my Dad side has a new member. Yes! My cousin finally get merried! It makes me have one more sister in law,woohooo! I always excited when it comes to family gathering because it makes us closer day by day. I just wanto to say congratulations to both of you and I hope you'll enjoy you honeymoon. It's a nice to have you as our new member in this family my newly sister in law. Welcome to The B family :)

Only a few young people in my coutry think that tradition is an important matters. The more i know about it the more i have a willing to keep it up. I'm proud to carry this tradition in my shoulder. I'm so jealous to see Japanese or Korean who loves their tradition. I see that this is how to unite our people, to see how important is the family. We can't live by ourself, we need others specially a big family to support our life. It's funny because my little niece know how important the relationship of the family in the young age.I'm so jealous of her thoughts. I hope one day i will have a big day just like this, it will be my happiest moment to have a joyful day with my big family but also the saddest moment because it's the last day to live with my parents and my brother.

Me and Ruth wearing: Semi Traditional Softy Pink Kebaya//Ikat&Batik Saroongs//Charles&Keith Heels//Brown Croocs Wedges//Pinky Purse


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