December 2, 2011
Being super duper busy lately makes my power turn off right now. So I end up in bed for the last two days. I feel my head is gonna be blow up and i just need to figure out what i need and what i want right now. It's conected to many things that's too many to be explain. I also being addicted to drink a cup of tea or a cup of coffee when i need to think about this matter. This time i will make a post about one place that make you feel like in your own home and the good things beside the ambience is the food and the beverage. So let's begin..

What's the meaning of the name? Yes it's meaningful! Because without the name no one can be known or be famous just like Steve Jobs. So the name of this place is "HAMPTONS". Specialities are canapes and tea. They have two floors with a nice interior but i recomend to pick the second floor.

Go visit them and make your special afternoon tea time
Jl. Benda Raya No. 1-C
Kemang, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia
*stt..they also have a special offer for christmas event

I do this post not because this place because of commercial use, just post it because i love this place. By the way the dress that i wore on that day is edited by me. It was an old, ordinary and boring vintage dress but i crop the sleeve and make an assymetrical bottom style. I made it and working on it until 1 am in the morning, huh..My job killing my time to do something like this. I just miss my school time, the time i can do all my creativity without being guilty or be disturbed by other crucial things.
vintage dress with my magic hands it turned to be like this//dark blue flannel coat
soft pink mini belt //soft pink skull ring by greedysassy//black heart platforms by  argyle and oxford
random  earrings and watch//big clutch by utee2010


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  1. Cliff says:

    Seriously beautiful beautiful beautiful photos!


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