November 10, 2011

I'm currently addicted to anything about Japan. So about two months ago there was a Japan Festival held by Japan community and Japan embassy in Monas area. I got a free ticket from my office mate and decided to see the closing ceremony and to have a japanese meal. Also bring my camera to catch the night view of monas, some japanese food and the event. There is so many people was talking in japanese when i was looking for a meal, i feel in Tokyo at that moment. The best things that I can see clearly how they cook those artisy foods.

very famous dish from Japan, they named it "takoyaki" because they use octopus or "Tako" in japanase inside the ball.
we can see this cake almost in every single Japanese comic or cartoons, it's a cake that has a fish shape. They also put a paste on it, it could be cheese, chocolate or red paste bean as seen on the second and third pictures.
or we can call it as Japanese pizza. They put some eegs mixed with a water as the peel and put a lots of cabbage, scallions, meat or octopus as the toppings.

Uh writting those things make me hungry and eager to buy some of them for tomorrow's lunch. Anyway I dislike the weather lately because sometimes the sun too hot and suddenly the rain is coming without any warning just like what happen this afternoon. I washed my hair this morning and because the rain was falling about a few minutes so i must wash my hair again because i don't want to get a flu by the next day. It seems a jacket, a cape or a trench coat is my new best friend for this month. Since I never post a picture about my normal office attire so, here they are. Gonna go to watch Gossip Girl season 5, ciao..
Lime green shirt from local store//Khaki trousers by zara//Khaki  trench coat by tomboy
Random accessories//yellow square bag from Bangkok//white canvas shoes by rubi


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  1. Annabel says:

    wow i would love to go!

  2. i've ever lived there for one year (2003-2004), and for sure, Japan can maintain both traditional/culture and modern/technology things very well.
    Just in case you're interested, pls check this out: , they will held a kind of japanese festival next 19-20 Nov at UNJ :).

  3. Joey says:

    Hmmm I'm slightly confused with your commenting system. I thought I typed it out, but when I click Enter, it brought me to another commenting page and I had to type everything again...maybe it's just my browser :)

    Anywayz, I was saying I would have loved to go to this event. I love Japanese festivals and food. I love takoyaki and okonomiyaki, but too bad I can't find it here, Can't wait to go back to Asia to have loads hehe

  4. oh, that famous fish shape cake!!! :D
    i love your outfit, nice coat and yellow big bag ;)

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