November 6, 2011

Weekends is just like heaven for me. Some people just enjoying their weekends by sleeping or just staying at home, recharge their energy for the next weekdays, my moto is work hard but play harder,hehe. So weekends without seeing a new place or experience a new things is a big no no! Spending this weekends by attended a sewing class, yesterday i learned how to sew a pants. It's not finish yet because I'm in a rush to meet my bestfriend. If i don't have any promise I will definitely end up with staying at the class all day long until i get bored! to be corrected until i feel my head turn to be bald.

After almost 5 hours of sewing class, finally i felt really hungry and found some place to eat and to talk. This is my friend's choice but it's not to bad. Place quite homey, has a simple decorations, a nice service and not to crowded, a perfect place to have a long conversation except your friend has another distraction like gadget and so on,lol.

I spent about eight hours at the office and almost 80% of that time i use for dealing with numbers and using a computer or notebook, so i use a glasses to keep my eyes away from the radiation impact that comes from a computer or any gadgets. It's weird at the first time i use it and make me feel dizzy but now i feel much better. Here comes the deadline for the nex weekdays and i can't wait to see another weekends with full of things to do, just cross my fingers and hoping that everythings will be ok.

fendi glasses//mini newton bag by bow sandals
white top//sand knits by a friend//khaki tailored bow  trousers//bow pearl rings// bracelets by (x)sml


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  1. Fabrizia says:

    These photos are so cute, and you look so good! I like this post!
    Take a look at my blog, and if you like it follow me, I’ll be waiting for you!

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    Cosa mi metto???

  2. i hate when my friends distracted with cell phone or laptop. it's like, "hello... i'm the human here, please leave that 'robot' alone", lol.
    you look great on your glasses. i wore them too. i have a very bad eyes :p

  3. Olivia says:

    indi: same hear :) i think they annoying when they act like that. Technology is to unite us and reduce the distance but nowadays it reduce the real connection and make a long distance even they're sitting in front of us.

  4. everyone seems addicted to gadget :(
    love your bow ring a lot:) happy weekend!

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