November 5, 2011

I've ever write that my grandma passed away, it happened about a month ago so me and the big family from my Dad back to their hometown for the ceremony. This is my second trip after the first one that happened in January, my grandpa passed away and that makes all the big family back to town for the ceremony. It feels weird because too many realtives died this year, mostly because they have a long illness, i think i don't need to write about it because it's too sad to share the story. I know sometimes my tweet or my writing bored you telling about a healty life or a healhy food, even my brother saying that i'm healthy freak! oh please i'm not, i still eat those junk food or fried things but i try to leave it all behind and eat more vegetables.

I'm saying this because being healthy is cheap but when you get an illness you can't imagine how much dollars that you spend for being a normal person, i mean the healthy one. In my town there is so many young people get heart attack and so many crucial disease that make you to get a donor for some part of your body. This is really creapy but it's true. 

I see some people doing a stupid things like ruin their normal life and being a bad person with a bad attitude and bad habit on the night life that's too long to be written just beacause they don't want to be called as a geek or just want to be a famous and hype person. It's not a harm as long as you do it a few times but just don't make it too often. You will underestimate this non sense words but oneday when you have some critical desease you will respect your body and realized it's too late. 

I'm coming from a big family both from my Dad and Mom's side, also have a family who still attached with a culture very well make me feel blessed. There's nothing wrong with the culture, people say it's old and uncool but there is some value that you can get from this matter, such as a very tight family connection among us, every problems is solved by discussion even when you get divorce is more creppy than got an E on your test. Anyway in the picture above, it's the three big man from my Dad's family, my Dad is the man in dark suit from the left. Another creepy things that in my opinion the three of us look very similar,hehe.

My brother replace my Dad's place//The line of the big family//some of the grandchildren

My fave capture: A man doing traditional dance call "tor-tor"//my uncle and my aunt wearing this super cool headband made from the real gold ornaments//my lovely grandpa called "opung"

Just give your attention and your full heart to people around you, so when they gone you'll never feel sorry because you give your best to them and can smile to remeber their kindness and their feedback of your love and care. Happy weekend..


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  1. Aja says:

    So sorry for your loss. But your last note is so positive (and so true) that you've reminded me to call my grandmother today and tell her that I love her. So thank you for that.

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