November 3, 2011
November has its own charm,I found many good things already happened. Although i have so many things to do i'm trying to stay cool and calm so I can make a great decision to resolve my problems. Lately I've been in love capture some pictures that show a detail on some stuffs, it could be anything but since my passion is fashion so it will be women's stuffs like shoes, magazines, bags or just some of crafty thingy. This moment i took a picture about some stuffs that i love to bring, to wear and to keep it on my closet.

As a girl I admit that it's easy for me to fall in love in a cute stuff specially when it comes as a bag or a pair of shoes. Sometimes we can buy a things that we don't really need it and regret about it right after we get home. So I'm trying to buy something that i need, affordable (specially when i can't asked my parent to buy me more since i have my own job) and has a good quality. I read from another blogger's post that a girl should buy something that timeless or classy and the important thing is quality not quantity.

It's like a random things that i bought just have nothing in common but mostly is something to cover my feet. Firts choice is a pair of camel heels (it's been my favourite color for a decade), then a sandal in sand color, black heart platform that really really comfortable, envelope bag in a blue sky, small bag with a key chain ornaments and Olive San Wide Lens Camera. I see that not so many people still using manual camera, I choose to use this camera since it has a wide angle and everytime i take a picture i'm trying to visualize the result, just need 3 more clicks then i can get the result for the last 2 months of using this manual camera.

I also feel very blessed to have those wonderful things that can support my life, release me from a stresfull job or bad traffic on my way back home, but this month i met some old friends that inspired me alot. A person that firght for their life, a person that make an effort so it makes me look very tiny compare to them. A person that i thought really clumsy, spoiled and not independent but they are 100% very different from the last time i meet them. Time flies so fast and i realized people really really change, I found that most of them getting better than before and i hope i will be a person just like them. A person who fight for their life really hard, reach my potential and catch my dream, just wish me luck.

If you get bored by your life, I would say karaoke is the best treatment to release you from a very stresful or crazy deadline, just make sure you already made a list of a crazy songs not a dramatic ones. Ah it's already Thursday, i can't wait for this weekend the day that i can learn how to sew a pants! Yayness!


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4 sveet comments

  1. that heart platform is from Argyle & Oxford isn't is? love it! and good luck in catching your dream.. :)

  2. Olivia says:

    yep, it's from argyle&oxford. They have a few shape of platform but my fave is the heart shape. I always buy their shoes because it's comfortable, simple and it's from local brand :)

  3. Cliff says:

    Your stuffs are all about cuteness hah! :D


  4. OMG.... all that cute stuffs makin' me wanna drool....

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