November 1, 2011

It feels pretty odd when I make this post because it's been almost two weeks ago since my last post. I do love blogging but my job just take all my precious time, eventhough I came home early it's not working because everytime i look my bed then i end up with stick on it until the next morning. Just want to say hello to November, many things will happen such an upcoming event Jakarta Fashion Week. It's too sad that i can't get a ticket even to a one show!But i would say that i can see those fabulous creations right from JFW site. The big thing for this month that I'm planning to go to a workshop held by one of famous fashion school in my town, just wish me luck that i can make it.

How's the weekends? I spent my precious time by attended a garden wedding ceremony held by my grandmother, actually it's not a very close grandmother (it's a long tree so i must called her grandma), not only one but two wedding ceremony for weekends! Also I went to my sewing class, yup finally i can find another place to learn how to sew. I just make two pieces, a skirt and a polkadot shirt as we seen on the picture below

The shirt is unfinished, i still need more time to attached the button and remove the pinky string on the colar. It's odd because everytime i go to a sewing class first things to be learned is how to make a shirt with a colar as we seen on the picture above. It's very difficult to do for a beginner, too many details and hard to make a perfect measurement for this type of clothes. It's like a miracle that i can do it quite good eventhough i spent almost half of my day in front of my sewing machine.

I really love fashion and art, I do but in a real life I work as an accounting staff and it's far from my passion but that's the different between real life and your dream, still need more time to catch my dream. But as a mature woman i'm trying to fullfill my needs by what i've got from my place of work. So for this month I just spent some pennies to buy some make up stuffs (it's affordable but i bet it will rock my appearence, some back issue of japanesse magazine (getting crazy about japan, from their culture, architecture, fashion and foods), heart dress and Katharine Hepburn's biography.

It's too late right now and i feel wanna sleep. Before I go to bed, I just want to share that i have a diy project with a sweater that i bought last week, will post the result very soon. Black is the wardrobe essential, little black dress is a have must item but for this season I also being stuck with neutral colors like beige or peach so for the upcoming diy project I choose beige as the nomer one color chart on my wardrobe. Here's the picture before the diy.

PS: i feel that my wardrobe full of things that i love but it's too bad most of them just too big or too small for my figure right now, so i will update my shop pretty soon. Please do check them on my blog shop on the side tab above.
Good night...


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  1. wow, you're so talented. i wish i can sew, but my hands always shaking :p i'm a nervous-clumsy girl,hehehe...

  2. love your blog! can't wait to see the final result of your DIY & polkadot shirt. :)

  3. you're so cool... having this nice blog and can do sewing as well ^^.
    i enjoy reading your blog, and i just follow it via blogloving.. :)

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