October 8, 2011
Hello..I feel terrible when I see my last post is the first and my last post on September. It seems I've been busy for the last few months. I'm saying that being an employee is really hard to do,hehe. I'm giving 100% of my heart to my job but everybody around me know that i love fashion more than myself so blogging and browsing is my only hope for keep in touch with this world, uppsss except some magazines that i love to buy to see what's hot and what's not. By the way I lost my gandma two weeks ago so I went to my Dad's hometown last week and stayed there for a week, will share the story letter.

How's your weekend? If i have a plan on weekends so i will call it as misery weekends since i really need my weekends for relax things like reading a book or magazines, browsing or just sleep to recharge my mood and my body, but what can i do when all cute place or objects calling me to see, to taste and to feel them? Since i've to go to work this day, I had a lunch with my cousin today. By the way, i just learn how to use white balance with my camera, so what do you think? which the best reflection of this picture?
neon jumper by F21/dark blue lace capri by mango/random headband/guess watch
grey tassel bag by janeville and canvas shoes by rubi

I called this week as a lazy week since i wore this canvas shoes for a whole week. I also wearing my fave capri pants and carry my big tote bag so  i don't need to repack my things. Why i do this? Because this is a perfect things to wear when i need to use public transportations, even I must saying that people not care too much about others and will step your feet and making some spotted on your very clean shoes, sigh. But that's life, that's how to see that we're not alone. There always be another people among us, laughing, crying, nagging, or just smiling. I'm hoping they still care about others like it used to be.
Since I can't be an architec and my brother taking it as his major on collage so I feel very happy to read his book. Sometimes i buy it for myself, like a few days ago i found this book in ak.sa.ra bookshelf. I bought a copy of if and still read it. This book has been my new friends of a week, i took it everywhere i go, read it and laugh it when i found something funny on it. This is my first time to find an architec book that's really fun and not too heavy just like any architec books, I really enjoy it.
New things for this month: some magazines/a cute fabric/a new book/chandelier shape to keep my acessoriess/knitwear/some cute pieces from my sponsor


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  1. The color of your outfit in the first photo was cute. Its attractive and catchy. And we think the photo at the left is better than the other one.

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  2. ahh you wore it!!! such a great outfit, olivia. the color looks great on you :) Also, thanks for your comment. I hope you'll stop by again ^_^


  3. Fabrizia says:

    You’re so pretty in these photos! Nice outfit!
    Take a look at my blog, and if you like it follow me, I’ll be waiting for you!

    Cosa mi metto???

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