September 23, 2011

After very quite long time I can make at least one post in this month. It's been a month since my last post and i  feel terible to neglect this blog. I do have a blogwalking specially for some site or blogs that i can't live without them but for making a post sometime is hard for me. As an employee an office hours is killing me. Some deadlines make me sick and tired at the same time, just like now I'm staying at the bed for a day. Thanks God that i'm feeling better right now and decided to make a post about a few things that felicitate my life.

Nothing more makes me happy than artisy meals and shinny things like jewels, perhaps. Diamons is women bestfriends but i think it's too heavy and not appropriate for my age and my purse. I prefer to collect the pearls especially in white, broken white, peach or grey colors. Even you've got not the real one, they still rock your outfits without seeing too much. I've got those pearl bracelets from a friend as a birthday gift (i know my brithday was a few months ago but i can't resist someone that gave me something to be a memorable things to be remembered). Just added my pearls collections with a necklace that has a cute bow shinny ornament as a pendant, so cute, isn't it?

I already passed my deadline, but skipping your meals or stay up till late can't be replaced by staying at the bed for a day. I realized it's about organized everything from breakfast, lunch, bed time or having fun time. There always a time to do all those magnificent things, but sometimes we push ourself too hard. Seeing this two of my fave bags make me have a big effort to do my job as the best i can do. They accompany me for the last 5 months so i believe i will survive in this job.

I bet every gilrs love to buy a tons of magazines to know what happen to the fashion world or just checking some gossips, so do I. I'm waiting for the latest issue for frankie magazine (it's hard to get this magazine since no one wants to import this magz anymore) but feel surprised when i saw this little package, actually it's a very late package from fevelle who's created a pretty romantic look collar, the bird ornament on it just like miumiu's pattern from last season.

Besides fashion there is one more thing that i can't live without, it's music. I know i felt that my body about to drop so yesterday I stopped at music store along my lunch time. I found some cds, local and international musicians that has a slow and nice voices, it's easy listening music and really perfect for my feelings right now. I've got Ray Harris, Adithia Sofyan and Mocca.

grey and neon jumper//long necklaces house of harlow look a like//some button earrings (round, bow and in eiffel shapes)//pearls necklaces with big flower brooch ornament//wide lens manual camera "olive san"

It's hard to get criticisms by other people even you know it that's a good things for your future life. Sometimes they throw it amongs of other people, that makes you're not really want to give an advice but making others look silly and embarrass them. This people never going anywhere until they get the same case and feel the same way as they've done. I've got a simple toughts, if we want other people being nice with us, so just do the same things like you want to be treated. For the last few months I realized i'm not longer young (i mean as young as a girl who just graduated from their high school). I do dress up in my own way, I never care about what people things especially about my outfits, but someone told me to dress down. Put something simple and effortless to create a natural beauty and i agree with this statement so I ended up by buying something look casual, simple and effortlessly chic for this month's purchase.
Need to take a rest for a work on weekend, just wish me luck. Weekends could be your fave moment when you really enjoy it, but when you had a drop body all of the weekend's planning could be torturing.


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  1. what a lovely post :) i love your stuffs :)

  2. Paola says:


  3. Lovely images, love the purses!! xo -Taj

  4. Zakiah says:

    I like the jumper and a camera :)

  5. says:

    oh im the worst at getting criticism..

  6. lola says:

    what a great blog, love those pictures!

    love, lola

  7. Thanks for dropping lovely comment on my blog. Just visited yours, and I really love this post, Damn I love your pearls. Youre so lucky to got them. I want it aaaaaa. Naksir. Anyway, I love your bags. Where I can buy it?

    Yes I do love magazine! hihi. And I love your blog. Nice to find you here. Keep blogging :)


  8. Olivia says:

    Thank you Pathie. The yellow bag from my trip to Bangkong and the other one is from UTEE2010, you can google it.
    By the way thanks for following my twitter :)

  9. The last 2 tops are great ! Lovely pictures :)

  10. Hello there ! I have just found your blog and I really love the design ;x Also, the post is great - a day in bed can be so relaxing and you can really get inspired just by laying and not thinking..

    Love your bags and the neon blouse- gorgeous! Hugs & have a wonderful weekend ♥

  11. i had no idea F21 was selling fluorescent knits. i must go! thanks for the heads up :)

    P.s. would you be a doll as to help me with this template? i tried it, but i don't know how to change particular tabs and stuff. :/

  12. Olivia says:

    @Iulia: thank you, will visit back very soon :)

    @Stephanie: Please check them out, they have in 4 colors (dark grey, middle grey, green neon and dark blue)
    it's a pleasure to help you, i will email you soon about the detail to change the tabs and fyi this is a basic template by blogspot :)

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