August 2, 2011

a few weeks after my birthday I decided to cut my hair. I hope my hair getting longer in a night since I'm a huge fan of Susie Bubble and love to do bun hair just like her. I ever go to church with a bun hairstyle, everybody's staring at me on that day and i know they've been jealous with my bubble's hair style,lol
Short hair make me look fresh, young and i feel it's easy to think when you have a short hair also saving your shampoo. Just asked some close friends and they said this hairstyle fits me well.

Anyway, since I have a job and mostly all my friend already an employee so it's hard to find a perfect  time to chat and gossiping. But we never do gossip because too many problems that we shared but so little time we had. Do some research and found that this place convivium is the perfect destination since me and my bestfriend named Illy love to eat italian food. The famous things from this place is The Red Velvet Cake! It's too bad I was too full to try it, but i promise will go back, try it and make a review about it in this blog.

When I was there I found a guy coming by himself ordered the famous red velvet cake, eating by himself then go! What do you think if you find someone like him? I just can think that this cake is incredibly tasteful so this cake can make a guy coming and leaving just to taste it.

About the food, I will recommend the first picture above. All menu contains of cheese so salty and i don't relly like it, it's like having a spoon of salt or drinking a flass of sea water. But i love the atmosphere there, it's so homey, calm and really likes the lightning. It's like a perfect place to meet an old friend, to share some stories.
Can you see that the decorations quite simple, I feel like i was inside Italian's house, just fallin love with some italian books specially the jamie's cook book! Oh the waiters are kind too. This place is a perfect place for date and family gathering. I also saw a dad coming with her daughter just to do chit-chat, very cool! Just giving you some advice if you want to come here better to check the availability by phone, sometimes this place damn full even on a weekdays.

What I wore: floral dress a gift from a friend//coral cardigan by a friend//canvas shoes//beach bag from MNG//random accessories//new short hair (as seen on the picture below, me on the left)
Convivium Cafe Deli
Jl Panglima Polim IX No.1
South Jakarta
Phone: (+62)21-7269963
Opens: weekdays and weekends (perfect timing on Sunday for a lunch)


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  1. thank you <3
    yes dear it so comfort :)
    anyway, i love your flower dress :)
    it so pretty :D


  2. Joey says:

    First things first, I believe I'm late, but Happy Belated Birthday, sweetie! I hope you had a wonderful one!

    I love your pretty dress here. And I do think you look fresher with the haircut. Good choice!

    The deco of this cafe is so quaint! I love restaurants/cafes that put in effort on the interior design.

    I've only tried once Red Velvet Cupcake in London, but I didn't like it even though everyone else seems to love it. I think the red velvet flavour doesn't suit me. But who knows, maybe this cake in Convivium tastes really good. Too bad you didn't get to try it, though. Tell us if you do eat it next time and tell us if you liked it :D

  3. Joey says:

    Oh and I forgot. Thanks for the encouragement. I really hope my Master's will help because after my degree, it was really hard to find a job in the UK. As you probably know, this is one of the worst periods of recession in the UK :(

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